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Story Lab

Over the summer holiday our local library has been part of the Story Lab project. Edward's school also promoted the project to all their children before the holiday started so he was raring to go!

This post is mostly to say that we (Edward included) thought this was a great idea and we've enjoyed reading and watching the website as …

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Edward and the sunflower

Over the last few months "Edward" has grown a sunflower.

Edward with young sunflower

It started off with him planting a seed in a little plastic cup at nursery. When he brought it home with instructions to water it and return photos of progress we were expecting to have to start dodging the subject within a week or two! Our track record with plants …

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The 3 Year Old Memory Aid

In the car on the way home from a birthday party, Liz and I are trying to remember names of a few people who we all met for the first time...

I suggest one was called Paul, Liz thinks he was John, but actually John was Letty's sister's boyfriend and Paul was in fact; Paul.

Hmm, but what was Letty's …

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Girls multi-task, boys cure hiccups

Having observed a sample of two(!) I have reached the conclusion that girls really can multi-task... but that's not always a good thing.

When Edward was very small he would get hiccups a lot. Sophie got them slightly less often but still enough to have noticed a repeating, and different pattern between the two of them.

When Edward got hiccups …

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Edward is stepping

After many, many months of pulling himself up on furniture and crabbing his way around it, plus a short lived (twice I think) attempt at standing on his own around new year, Edward has finally decided to consistently balance himself on his own two feet.

He continued to practice that for a day and the following morning decided it was …

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Edward seems recovered

This morning Edward took the last dose in his course of antibiotics and he seems to have made a good recovery. Certainly our fear that he would be allergic to antibiotics appears not to be the case. :-)

The strange rash that doctors couldn't identify has also largely cleared up and will hopefully completely vanish in the next few days. …

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Not a week to plan

This week really hasn't gone to plan, in any way for any one.

Monday started out innocently enough. I had some out of hours work to get done during the evening, but it wasn't anything major.

When I went to bed at 4am on Tuesday morning, I was of a different opinion. Monday was a disaster! The work was at …

Cruising on

How has it been 45 days since my last post!?

I knew it had been a while, but time is definitely flying a bit too fast at the moment. I think it's what comes of being busy at work and then just as busy at home.

At least I get some variation though, Liz is busy at home and then …

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Crawling along

Apparently most babies first start their crawling career in a rather backwards direction. The problem with crawling backwards is obviously that it doesn't take you forwards towards the object you're staring at and wanting to reach.

So the straight forward answer is not to bother with going backwards, and just keep concentrating on the object you really, really want to …

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Rocking and rolling

In the last week Edward has discovered a whole new purpose for his rolling - to enable him to rock! And he hasn't been holding back.

Pretty much the moment you leave him, he'll put in just a single roll to get himself onto his tummy and then he'll be straight up onto all fours.

He's yet to actually manage …

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91st percentile

One of the things the NHS give you as a new parent is a small red book in which to record your child's first few years of medical history.

This book has pages that cover basic details of the baby's birth, lots of pages for notes, various pictures (eg for recording teeth) and a number of charts.

One of those …

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Crawling, commando style

Approximately two weeks ago Edward discovered that lifting one leg up underneath him and pushing hard while pulling with his hands could propel him quite rapidly across the floor.

He spent a few days doing this very successfully, although intermittently. He could easily cover a couple of feet in a minute or two when the mood took him. Since then …

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Finger (nail) clipping

A short while after Edward was born, it became apparent that we needed to start cutting his finger nails (as he was starting to scratch his face).

Since that time it has been my job to perform this task as Liz has been too concerned about cutting his fingers off.

So every week or two I have been using a …

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Christening... survived

I'm a little late with this entry as Edward was Christened just over a month ago now! However I did want to say that we did all survive, even Liz managed not to have a heart attack from the stress!

It was actually a lovely day, for the weather, the service and to see so much family and a few …

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Small family christening

Is there actually such a thing as a small family?

I thought mine was fairly small with no more than three children in any family unit. Yet I'm still managing to account for nearly half of the 60-ish guests we're expecting at Edward's christening tomorrow!

I guess 60 isn't really a very large number. Yet when you start thinking about …

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Outgrowing everything

A few days ago we finally migrated Edward to his cot.

Prior to this he had been sleeping in a moses basket, but he recently got to the stage where he could push with his feet and knock his head into the other end! For a while he's been looking rather cramped width-wise. This moses basket is supposed to be …

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Sleeping through

A couple of weeks ago Edward started to sleep through one of his normal night time feeds. He hasn't managed this every night since, but hasn't been far off.

The unfortunate part is that he doesn't seem to have quite worked out when "night" is yet. He has taken it upon himself to become comatose from around 5 or 6 …

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Baby (not) jaundice

I am very pleased to announce that Edward is no longer a strange shade of dirty yellow and has instead developed a fairly pale skin tone.

His jaundice has lasted roughly four weeks, having started within a day or so of him being born. He can thank it for an extended initial stay in hospital, complete with some time under …

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