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Photo Friday: 2019-02-01

This collection of pictures (click on the one below to see them all) were not taken this week; but seeing as there has been snow falling, I thought it an appropriate time to share them.

Taken in 2018.

Snowy garden

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Photo Friday: 2019-01-25

This week is another photo from the gardens at Chartwell. This time it's a close up of a flower. My children and I took several photos of the flowers in this part of the garden so I'm not sure who actually took this one, but I like it.

Taken in October 2018.

Flower in the gardens at Chartwell

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W50

last week

I haven't ended up with much in my notes this week...

It was another week of scheduling in advance and largely sticking to it. :-)

With some assorted PaTMa development, including work on some customer requested features - hopefully going live next week.

The monthly Brighton Product Meet also took place, including some excellent discussions around Twitter marketing and ...

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W49

last week


I spent far too many hours getting better acquanted with SharePoint than I ever wanted to be.

How anyone has ever, never mind still, uses it I really don't know. Apparently it's entirely possible, even quite common (based on the number of web pages about it), to end up with a "folder" that actually has ...

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W48

last week

Well, that didn't entirely go according to plan!

I haven't published a journal article for four weeks. Simply because other things have had to take priority.

That shift in priorities started on the 12th November when a major server used by my web and email hosting company started to spew errors from both of it's ...

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Photo Friday: 2018-11-16

It's been a cold and drizzly day at the end of a rather cold and rainy week; so here's a bright and sunny flower to provide a bit of cheer.

Taken in July 2018.

White, sunny flowers

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Choosing a live chat application

I want to add a line chart option to PaTMa, both for enquiries and pre sales questions as well as support for subscribers.

But it seems there are a lot of live chat options out there at the moment. So, as much as a record for myself as anything, I thought I'd document the ones I've considered and ...

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W44

last week

Gaming time

Over a month ago I decided to make some changes that were intended to reduce the amount of time I waste on time-demanding (and perhaps not so enjoyable) games. This week I took a few minutes to see how I've been getting on.

The time I spent playing games (I think this is all time-sucking ...

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Photo Friday: 2018-11-02

Having rather overdone flowers from our visit to Sheringham in the summer, this week I'm sneaking in some Sheringham trees just to finish the collection (there might also be one or two more distant flowers too).

All taken in June 2018.

Sheringham trees

Sheringham trees

Sheringham trees

Sheringham trees

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W43

last week


I got so late with posting my journal last week, and still didn't find time to edit and publish it later in the week, that I decided to roll it over to this week. I've decided to just edit everything together so this post covers the last two weeks.


I ran another free co-working ...

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