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C# / SMO Scripted Database Restore with Multiple Backup Sets in a Volume

The Problem

I don't really do MS SQL (preferring MySQL and PostgreSQL) so it came as a surprise to me today when I found that MS SQL backup files can contain multiple backup sets (within the "volume" that is one file).

When restoring such files via the MS SQL GUI, the summary information includes a "Position" column to say ...

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VirtualBox disk corruption

For a while now I've been using vagrant (with VirtualBox) VMs to test an application I'm working on. Unfortunately quite often these VMs would only last one or perhaps two tests before apparently having corrupted their disk.

The symptoms would tend to be "Input/output error", eg things like:

-bash: /usr/bin/less: Input/output error

...although it ...

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Grails 3 Externalized Configuration

Grails 2.x uses it's own configuration loader that includes the ability to read extra configuration from additional, external files. This is a great feature for reading production, deployment specific configuration values; while keeping them separate from a standard WAR file. I've found this very handy when the same application needs to be deployed to multiple machines with ...

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