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Journal, ISO week 2018-W39

last week


We have given up! Our heating has been switched on. We were trying to make it to the totally arbitrary goal of reaching October before needing to do such, but after a couple of very cold and disturbed (presumably related) nights, we decided to give up just a little early. I wonder how long it will be ...

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LXD on LVM - thinpool setup

No matter what I tried I couldn't convince "lxd init" to create, or configure an existing, LVM thinpool for it's use!

So I ended up doing it rather more manually...

Basic requirements before getting started at all:

apt install lxd thin-provisioning-tools

Then create a thinpool, in this case using all of the remaining space on the "local" volume ...

Journal, ISO week 2018-W38

last week

Escaping time based gaming

I've concluded that this style of game is really bad for me (or anyone I think). This is the style of game that demands (to make progress) frequent/regular bits of your time. Eg playing each day to collect a daily reward, or every X hours to restore your shield or collect built-up ...

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Custom/manual Ubuntu install via IPMI (on OVH hosting)

I recently spent a while working out how to do a completely custom install on a physical machine rented from OVH, making use of the IPMI access they provide. I thought I'd document it for future reference. So here's how to perform a custom/manual Ubuntu install via IPMI on OVH hosted hardware.

Disable OVH monitoring

First up ...

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Request Tracker - Precedence: bulk

I use Request Tracker as the ticketing tool for support enquiries to my web hosting company and happened to notice (while looking at email headers for something else) that it's sending out ticket emails with the header:

Precedence: bulk

I can understand why this is a reasonable default, especially as RT is often configured to send automatic acknowledgement and ...

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W35

last week

Property (and stats)

A great (well, I think so) read from the ONS in their latest house prices index. There are some big regional differences in the changes they report but it seems a drop in transactions is pretty consistent across the county. That said the historic numbers do suggest a spike in transaction numbers in April 2017 ...

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Wordpress - my essential plugins

If you've ever hosted a website, especially a blog, I'm sure you've considered Wordpress as the potential software to use.

Despite this personal blog not using Wordpress, I do use it for a few others, where I just wanted to get up and running really quickly with a pretty standard set of features. That was exactly what ...

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Journal, ISO week 2018-W33

last week


Somehow I managed to end up spending three hours doing Windows desktop support!! This is something I thought I'd escaped from a long time ago. There's just one special SEOSS customer who Tim still provides this for and hence w hile he's on holiday I get to as well. It's fairly common for ...

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