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Edward and the sunflower

Over the last few months "Edward" has grown a sunflower.

Edward with young sunflower

It started off with him planting a seed in a little plastic cup at nursery. When he brought it home with instructions to water it and return photos of progress we were expecting to have to start dodging the subject within a week or two! Our track record with plants is rather appalling! In fact I don't think we've managed to keep a single new plant alive since we've been in this house - about two years now.

Despite our assumed failure, Liz decided to at least try. She watered the seed regularly-ish and remarkably, pretty soon we actually had a fairly promising looking start of a plant. It soon got too big for it's little plastic cup though, so Liz (after only a couple of weeks of us saying it was needed!) moved it into a larger pot.

Liz was now watering it quite religiously. We started taking photos (fairly frequently just in case it should suddenly realise where it was and keel over dead) of Edward with the plant and even sent a few of them into nursery.

In summary it is with great delight and complete amazement that we can now present a fully grown and flowering sunflower...

Edward with large sunflower

...does anyone know if/how we can collect seeds from it for next year??

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