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LXD on LVM - thinpool setup

No matter what I tried I couldn't convince "lxd init" to create, or configure an existing, LVM thinpool for it's use!

So I ended up doing it rather more manually...

Basic requirements before getting started at all:

apt install lxd thin-provisioning-tools

Then create a thinpool, in this case using all of the remaining space on the "local" volume group:

lvcreate …

Podcasts I hear in 2018

It's been over three years since I last wrote about the podcasts I listen to, so I think it's past time for a revisit.

Looking back at my list from 2014, I think the only ones I've stopped listening to are those that have stopped publishing content. I've certainly added a few more to my regular listening list though, especially …

VirtualBox disk corruption

For a while now I've been using vagrant (with VirtualBox) VMs to test an application I'm working on. Unfortunately quite often these VMs would only last one or perhaps two tests before apparently having corrupted their disk.

The symptoms would tend to be "Input/output error", eg things like:

-bash: /usr/bin/less: Input/output error

...although it could be almost anything that failed …

Tags: linux ubuntu

Testing a new boot configuration

This approach is useful for testing all sorts of changes in boot setup without actually risking a real reboot. Whether you're about to remove a hard disk, just want to test RAID with disk failures, have installed a new boot loader or just changed the configuration; this can help provide reassurance that your remote server will come back when you …

Podcasts I Hear

Once upon a time, a time that feels a very long time ago but I think was only a couple of years in the past, I spent some time regularly commuting to one of my clients.

Armed with a smart phone and headphones I discovered audio books and podcasts as an excellent way to make use of this time. I …

ssh SOA error

Logcheck on a couple of Debian Squeeze servers has been sending me some errors for a while and I finally got time to track down the cause. The errors looked like this:

Aug  5 07:00:56 build1 ssh: getaddrinfo*.gaih_getanswer: got type "SOA"

It turns out that this is due to some scripted outbound ssh connections (in this case Jenkins polling a …

Slow LVS-NAT responses

I recently had to investigate an LVS-NAT (via ldirectord) system that appeared to be adding a significant delay to many requests that were passing through it.

The HTTP requests I was looking at were taking around 600ms (with a very large variance) to complete via the director machine, instead of a consistent 35ms when made directly to one of the …

Convert an OpenVZ VM to KVM

I administer (mostly through SEOSS) quite a few OpenVZ virtual machines and I recently wanted to create a clone of one onto a local system for some testing. Unfortunately I didn't have an OpenVZ machine locally, so decided I'd have a go at migrating the OpenVZ virtual to a local KVM instance. The process I went through is below. …

Resize ext3 in LVM in partition in (KVM/QEMU) virtual image file

I started out with a virtual machine image that was 10GB in size. Within this are two partitions - the first a few hundred MB for /boot and the rest is a LVM partition. The LVM then contains swap, root and /home. In this particular case I needed to make /home bigger, I actually needed an extra couple of GB …

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex released today

Ubuntu released Intrepid Ibex earlier this afternoon, just as scheduled. It comes with lots of new features. While new versions of all the key software is certainly good, a convenient encrypted directory is handy and the VM builder is very convenient, it's actually a couple of very small additions that I'm enjoying the most.


Until I switched to …

Crazy filesystems

Recently I invested in some new hard disks for my file server. The idea being to increase capacity (1.1TB to 1.9TB) and to decrease the power usage (10 disks to 3).

I finally got around to fitting them at the end of last week and set the computer copying all my existing data from old to new over the weekend. …

Multiple page scan to PDF

Xsane does do this, but it's an awful lot of clicks, even between pages and that's after you've got to the right screen and before you eventually output the file.

So here's a simple bash script to the rescue...


export DEVICE="device, use 'scanimage -L' to see list"

echo Pages: $1
echo Filename: $2


for (( i = 1; …

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