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ssh SOA error

Logcheck on a couple of Debian Squeeze servers has been sending me some errors for a while and I finally got time to track down the cause. The errors looked like this:

Aug  5 07:00:56 build1 ssh: getaddrinfo*.gaih_getanswer: got type "SOA"

It turns out that this is due to some scripted outbound ssh connections (in this case Jenkins polling a …

Backport rsnapshot 1.3.1 to Lenny

I recently needed a version of rsnapshot that included LVM snapshot support. Unfortunately the version included with Debian Lenny doesn't include this, so I had to create a quick backport.

This is a very quick record of what I did.

Install useful build scripts:

aptitude install devscripts

Create somewhere to store our downloads and built files:

mkdir build-dir
cd build-dir …

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