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Ticket sales (PayPal, Jasper Reports, Barcodes) with Grails

Please see Part 1 for the start of this series and links to all parts.

For the SupaJam ticket outlet, we didn't need anything too fancy, just enough to present people with a couple of ticket types to choose from and a way to pay for them. Of course we still had the extra requirement of collecting a real name …

Tickets: selling, sending, supporting and checking; all in three weeks

Towards the end of May, SupaJam launched the first round of several festival ticket give aways planned for this summer. This wasn’t the first time SupaJam has given away festival tickets, but it is the first time that we've done it in this way.

Technically, it all went well. The days afterwards did include a rather large number of support …

Follow the FIB Final on SupaJam

Today is the Fast Track to FIB 2010 final. For the first time there will be live footage uploaded to SupaJam as the day and night progresses.

This means I get to spend the day in London editing, preparing and uploading photos and videos.

Thankfully I've spent the last couple of weeks preparing the SupaJam site to make my job …

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Writing HTML email is unpleasant!

Unfortunately I must admit that a nicely formatted HTML email looks rather better and more catchy as a newsletter than a simple string of plain text. This goes against my general email preference, but even I have relented in recent times and started allowing my mail client to display HTML email (although I still never send it)!

So with this …

Supajam competition launch

One of my customers today launches their latest competition. This contest is looking for unsigned bands to upload their best track and after a few rounds and filtering and a public vote the winner will get to perform live in Spain in front of thousands of people!

Certainly not my idea of fun, but I'm sure many will disagree …

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