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Not a week to plan

This week really hasn't gone to plan, in any way for any one.

Monday started out innocently enough. I had some out of hours work to get done during the evening, but it wasn't anything major.

When I went to bed at 4am on Tuesday morning, I was of a different opinion. Monday was a disaster! The work was at …

Biphasic sleep week 0

For a first try I don't think it's gone too badly. I have found that trying to nap in the early afternoon is practically impossible with such a small house and so many (2) other people in it.

However moving the nap to lunch time did largely resolve that.

It didn't help to resolve my other main "problem" - the …

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Sleeping in two

For a long time I have been intrigued by the idea of getting more out of each day. More waking (and productive) time.

I have looked at polyphasic sleep especially the most famous form, Uberman's sleep, on several occasions in the past. However it has never really been practical for me to try it out.

Sadly this is still …

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