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Lovely meal

Last Saturday Liz, Edward and I went out for a meal to celebrate a friend's birthday. This isn't the first time we've taken Edward out for an evening meal and his reactions so far have generally been good, although he can decide that there are just too many new things to look at for any sleep to be taking place. …

Re-inventing the ... bin

Liz's kitchen is small. Not the smallest I've ever seen, but small enough that it can't really hold more than two people at once. It is also quite feature packed - washing machine, dish washer, fridge, freezer, cooker all built in. One thing that is not built in is a rubbish bin, or indeed any space for one!

For the …

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Last week I placed an order with Lakeland for two identical items. Later that week a package arrived from Lakeland as expected. However opening it revealed two items that I had not ordered.

I phoned Lakeland on Monday this week (while heading into town with the incorrect items, ready to post them back). Not only did they answer the phone …

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