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Baby (not) jaundice

I am very pleased to announce that Edward is no longer a strange shade of dirty yellow and has instead developed a fairly pale skin tone.

His jaundice has lasted roughly four weeks, having started within a day or so of him being born. He can thank it for an extended initial stay in hospital, complete with some time under blue lights, plus two further trips back to hospital.

He has had many (I've lost count) blood samples taken from his heels and one much less pleasant looking one from a needle stuck into the back of his hand. He's also clocked up two (although it took three attempts!) urine tests.

Thankfully, after the early blood tests that led to the phototherapy, his blood tests have all come back clear.

The first of his urine tests however did return a positive for galactose, which is what led to the next test. Apparently false positives for this test are relatively common, and after a short physical exam, the doctor didn't seem too concerned. We still had a fairly worrying wait from Friday morning to Monday midday for the second result. Thankfully it was clear.

After all of that, the final result was that we just needed to wait a bit longer. Indeed some extra time, and moving Edward onto formula milk, has left him putting on weight and clearing the jaundice nicely. :-)

For once, and despite the inevitable worry involved, I have actually been quite pleased with the speed and thoroughness of treatment that we've received for this.

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