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Story Lab

Over the summer holiday our local library has been part of the Story Lab project. Edward's school also promoted the project to all their children before the holiday started so he was raring to go!

This post is mostly to say that we (Edward included) thought this was a great idea and we've enjoyed reading and watching the website as well as the books.

Edward and Sophie both enjoy regular visits to the library and often explore and choose their own selections of books to borrow. Story Lab encouraged a few more frequent visits this summer holiday and a lot of excitement for Edward. I do hope it continues in future years for Edward to enjoy again and for Sophie to join in too.

This last bit is just to aid my memory. Edward completed his six books in the first three weeks of the holiday and we actually got around to collecting his gold sticker about a week after that. The books he read (and chose), his ratings and one comment are below:

Stage 1 - Bronze:

Stage 2 - Silver:

Stage 3 - Gold:

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