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Outgrowing everything

A few days ago we finally migrated Edward to his cot.

Prior to this he had been sleeping in a moses basket, but he recently got to the stage where he could push with his feet and knock his head into the other end! For a while he's been looking rather cramped width-wise. This moses basket is supposed to be "Suitable from birth to approx. 3-4mths (or until babys starts to pull himself/herself upright)". He's certainly not pulling himself upright yet. Although we probably should have moved Edward out of it as he turned two months and we've had to move him only a couple of weeks after that.

This crazy baby growth has been echoed in various other areas too. He's been in 3-6 month clothes for a little while and some of his socks are 6-12 months! Some of this is definitely down to Edward being quite large, but I do think that a good part of it is due to manufacturers having totally different opinions of what size certain aged babies should be.

He's also having a good go at putting on weight faster than the muscles in Liz and my arms can increase their ability too!

At least he's got some growing space left in his cot... :-)

Edward in his cot

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