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Cruising on

How has it been 45 days since my last post!?

I knew it had been a while, but time is definitely flying a bit too fast at the moment. I think it's what comes of being busy at work and then just as busy at home.

At least I get some variation though, Liz is busy at home and then busy at home! Thanks to the flying time though, even that will only be for another 4 months now. I'm not sure if Liz is looking forward going back to the "real" world of work or not!

Someone else who isn't taking things slowly is Edward (now a whole 8 months old). No sooner had he got the hang of crawling than he started trying to walk! He seems to love climbing and generally moving. This includes getting most upset if you try to keep him still for more than a few seconds though (which isn't helpful when trying to change nappies!).

He can now happily cruise all of the way around his cot and regularly delights in treating the mattress as a trampoline (I think we'll have to get him a real one for Christmas).

We were out shopping (I'm very thankful we don't get time for this too often) a couple of weeks ago (for something completely different) and decided to get Edward a walker. Apart from the odd occasion when he manages to pull it over on top of himself, he really enjoys it. These days he can quite happily trot across the lounge with it. We do still have to help a little with the three point turns though!

While I'm doing the general Edward news thing; he now has five teeth well on their way through and at least one more not far off. It is now definitely a mistake to let him get your finger in his mouth!

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