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Grails 3 Externalized Configuration

Grails 2.x uses it's own configuration loader that includes the ability to read extra configuration from additional, external files. This is a great feature for reading production, deployment specific configuration values; while keeping them separate from a standard WAR file. I've found this very handy when the same application needs to be deployed to multiple machines with ...

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Summer Fayre 27th June 2015

St Joseph's Primary School (map) is having it's Summer Fayre on the 27th June from 12noon and everyone is welcome. Entrance for adults is £1, children are free; and there are some great things to see, do, eat and enjoy.

Celebrity Guest

TV's Will Mellor (Hollyoaks, Two Pints, White Van Man, In The Club, No Offence) will ...

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Redhill Freelancers and Small Business meetup survey

I'm working on creating a local group for freelancers, small businesses and other home workers based in and around Redhill and Reigate. So far I've ...

Building a Micropreneur and Freelancers group in Redhill

I live in Redhill, Surrey. I'm working on building a freelance and micropreneur group in Redhill.

There is an excellent freelancers group that meets weekly in Brighton (which I visit occasionally). There are also many, many entrepreneur and freelancer groups that exist in London. There are also co-working groups around, the nearest of those I can find being Horsham ...

Writing 10,000 words review

Yesterday I set myself a writing challenge, as suggested by Dan Norris, dedicating the working day to creating new content and attempting to produce 10,000 words.

Today I want to reflect on the challenge, see how I did and whether it was useful for me.

My Results

Trying to write 10,000 words (complete with proof reading and editing ...

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Oops, I Snapped the Bed!

It is with some slight discomfort that I must admit to having sat down on my bed (well my wife's actually, but what's hers is mine, yes?!) one evening last November to hear a loud cracking sound. I don't believe that I sat down particularly heavily on this occasion; in fact I had just put my youngest ...

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Writing 10,000 words in a day

The title may sound like a foregone conclusion but this is actually very much a challenge, an experiment for me really.

My Day

I have made today a content writing day. The idea for having a dedicated content writing day on this particular day came from Dan Norris who's using it as an experiment for a book he's ...

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