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Podcasts I hear in 2018

It's been over three years since I last wrote about the podcasts I listen to, so I think it's past time for a revisit.

Looking back at my list from 2014, I think the only ones I've stopped listening to are those that have stopped publishing content. I've certainly added a few more to my regular listening list though, especially …

VirtualBox disk corruption

For a while now I've been using vagrant (with VirtualBox) VMs to test an application I'm working on. Unfortunately quite often these VMs would only last one or perhaps two tests before apparently having corrupted their disk.

The symptoms would tend to be "Input/output error", eg things like:

-bash: /usr/bin/less: Input/output error

...although it could be almost anything that failed …

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Podcasts I Hear

Once upon a time, a time that feels a very long time ago but I think was only a couple of years in the past, I spent some time regularly commuting to one of my clients.

Armed with a smart phone and headphones I discovered audio books and podcasts as an excellent way to make use of this time. I …

The Best (Android) Phone

I have found the next Android phone that I'd like to buy. In fact, I have paid for the next Android phone that I want to have. However there is no guarantee it will ever arrive!

I need about 30,000 more people to also place an order for what I think would be the perfect new phone, otherwise it will …

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex released today

Ubuntu released Intrepid Ibex earlier this afternoon, just as scheduled. It comes with lots of new features. While new versions of all the key software is certainly good, a convenient encrypted directory is handy and the VM builder is very convenient, it's actually a couple of very small additions that I'm enjoying the most.


Until I switched to …

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