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91st percentile

One of the things the NHS give you as a new parent is a small red book in which to record your child's first few years of medical history.

This book has pages that cover basic details of the baby's birth, lots of pages for notes, various pictures (eg for recording teeth) and a number of charts.

One of those charts is to track your baby's weight and another their height. Each graph includes a number of guide plots, one for the average, another for the 25th percentile, 75th percentile and a few others.

Ever since Edward recovered from his initial dip in his first few weeks he has been quite nicely tracking just under the 91st percentile. However this week, for the first time he has landed directly on the 91st percentile with a whopping weight of 9kg! And he's still less than six months old!

Despite still having rather chunky thighs; the height graph tells us that he is also exactly on the 91st percentile, so apparently in perfect proportion!

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