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Summer Fayre 27th June 2015

St Joseph's Primary School (map) is having it's Summer Fayre on the 27th June from 12noon and everyone is welcome. Entrance for adults is £1, children are free; and there are some great things to see, do, eat and enjoy.

Celebrity Guest

TV's Will Mellor (Hollyoaks, Two Pints, White Van Man, In The Club, No Offence) will be in attendance …

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Oops, I Snapped the Bed!

It is with some slight discomfort that I must admit to having sat down on my bed (well my wife's actually, but what's hers is mine, yes?!) one evening last November to hear a loud cracking sound. I don't believe that I sat down particularly heavily on this occasion; in fact I had just put my youngest son in his …

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Bottle Time

Thomas has reached the grand old age of one year. He accomplished this a few two weeks ago now. Two days after that I switched him to drinking his morning and evening milk from a cup instead of a bottle.

Along with this switch and the gradual phasing out of his baby formula over the previous three weeks, came the …

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Family Addition

Time has flown (mostly in a sleepy, chore based blur) so fast that it was now almost three weeks ago that the latest addition to our family arrived.


Thomas was born on the 6th November by emergency caesarean section.

It was a slightly unusual birthing process that ended up including some natural labouring, an ECV, ARM, return to …

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Ingredient oops

I think I've been doing quite well at the cooking thing recently. Tonight was planned in advance and I specifically bought vegetables earlier this week. However somehow I have managed to forget the wraps, salsa and fajita mix for tonight's advertised menu. Only a slight oversight!

At least I realised before I started chopping vegetables.

Despite running down our supplies …

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Balloon Modelling

A few days ago I went downstairs for lunch and found Liz and the children trying to make balloon models. So I thought I'd better show them how it's done...

Balloon dog

Balloon swan, and Sophie

Those were my first two attempts (a dog and a swan, just in case they aren't obvious). :-)

Unfortunately I do need to add (if I don't, someone else surely …

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Edward and the sunflower

Over the last few months "Edward" has grown a sunflower.

Edward with young sunflower

It started off with him planting a seed in a little plastic cup at nursery. When he brought it home with instructions to water it and return photos of progress we were expecting to have to start dodging the subject within a week or two! Our track record with plants …

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The 3 Year Old Memory Aid

In the car on the way home from a birthday party, Liz and I are trying to remember names of a few people who we all met for the first time...

I suggest one was called Paul, Liz thinks he was John, but actually John was Letty's sister's boyfriend and Paul was in fact; Paul.

Hmm, but what was Letty's …

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Swine Flu: Swabbed

Edward seems to be over his initial symptoms (fever, aches and tiredness) however he's not himself yet, has an intermittent cough and has since yesterday developed a very croaky voice. He's still staying at home and still enjoying lots of rest in front of the TV (he doesn't normally get to watch it, so it's working well to keep him …

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Swine Flu: Confirmed (as much as it will be)

Liz has now spoken to our GP who has "confirmed" Edward as having swine flu.

Actual testing is no longer being done as too many new cases are being reported, however the GP said that Edward's symptoms combined with his close contact with the confirmed case (who was actually tested) last week at his nursery is enough to consider Edward …

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Swine Flu: Likely

It seems likely that Edward has Swine Flu!

He developed a high temperature (about 39) and tiredness on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 7th July. He didn't sleep very well at all last night and has been intermittently complaining of hurting limbs. He also has a constantly running nose. Apart from that though he seems to be mostly OK, just a …

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We moved!

And we don't intend to do it again for a very long while!

Two interesting things we've learnt...

  • when a van rental company suggests a van "big enough for a three bed house", get a bigger one if you intend to move from a two bed house.
  • if you visit a new house the afternoon before completion and the builder …
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Another one!

It would appear that the sleepless nights, stress and hard work haven't taught Liz and me anything!

I'm proud (and scared, again) to announce that Liz and I are expecting our second baby around the middle of January. :-)

The first scan was a couple of weeks ago and everything seems to be fine. Although I think the baby's going …

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What's worse than a cold?

Now I don't just mean a slight sniffle and a bit of a sore throat. I mean a cold that saps all of your energy, makes you generally ache and regularly wakes you up at night because you can't breath through your nose and breathing through your mouth is just too painful!

So, what's worse? …

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Mum recovering

I've had a very busy couple of weeks with work and didn't help myself by turning last weekend into a physical (but fun) workout at Camber!

Hence my delay in finding time to write an update here. Anyway...

My Mum was able to come home from hospital towards the end of the week after her crash. While still rather …

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Get well soon mum

Last Sunday (28th) my mum was in a car accident.

Thankfully her physical injuries, while initially worrying for doctors with potential internal bleeding, now seem to be relatively minor.

However there does seem to have been a toll on her memory. It has been getting gradually better over the last few days and she can now remember most major things, …

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We're expecting!

I'm delighted (well, actually alternating between incredibly excited and amazingly scared) to announce that Liz and I are expecting our first baby, around 19th January 2007!

We went to our 12 week scan yesterday morning... Baby Pither

Our baby is all there, a good size (almost unbelievably small at about 6.7cm long) and apparently likes wriggling a lot. :-)

We've kept this …

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