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Another one!

It would appear that the sleepless nights, stress and hard work haven't taught Liz and me anything!

I'm proud (and scared, again) to announce that Liz and I are expecting our second baby around the middle of January. :-)

The first scan was a couple of weeks ago and everything seems to be fine. Although I think the baby's going …

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Midwife madness

As one would expect, shortly after Liz discovered she was pregnant, a (community) midwife was assigned to her. During the following eight(-ish) months Liz saw him (yes, not what I was expecting either) twice(!) and one of those was at the hospital after they had incorrectly told the community midwives we had already been discharged!

I think twice for any …

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Tongue tie

On Wednesday 3rd January, the morning after Edward was born, a paediatrician visited to give him an initial check up. One of the things she spotted was that he had quite severe tongue tie. This condition can affect a baby's ability to feed (especially breast feed) and later possibly affect speech. Further more, it almost always affects males and …

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Early baby photo

This photo was taken at the hospital, just before we brought Edward home.

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Back from hospital

Liz and Edward finally returned from the hospital yesterday evening. While Edward is still a little jaundice, both are generally doing OK.

Their stay in hospital was a little longer than expected due to some bad advice, Edward being jaundice and a small dose of photo-therapy being required:

Apparently this is quite common, but we still found it to be …

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It's a boy!

Liz and I are very proud to announce that on the 2nd of January we had a lovely baby boy. He was 8lb 2oz and delivered after a 6 hour labour, which Liz did without any pain relief (she's especially proud of that bit!). :-)

Lots more details and some photos will follow at some point soon I hope!

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Baby Gets Bigger

As we're now just over 22 weeks in, we got to visit the hospital again for our second scheduled ultrasound. Here's the proof:

Unfortunatley none of the pictures from this scan seemed to be nearly as clear as the last one. The equipment was just the same, although the baby was being very awkward and not moving into any helpful …

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Baby's first hat

Yesterday I met up with two of my good friends from university, John and Claire. They had been down in Brighton for the wedding of John's sister so it seemed an ideal oppurtunity to catch up with. Not to mention it being a great chance to scare Liz with some more of my friends (I've so far escaped meeting too …

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We're expecting!

I'm delighted (well, actually alternating between incredibly excited and amazingly scared) to announce that Liz and I are expecting our first baby, around 19th January 2007!

We went to our 12 week scan yesterday morning... Baby Pither

Our baby is all there, a good size (almost unbelievably small at about 6.7cm long) and apparently likes wriggling a lot. :-)

We've kept this …

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