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Networking events around Redhill

When I meet new local business people through Redhill Micropreneurs I'm quite often asked about local networking events. Having written lists for people numerous times I thought I'd actually publish one here for a change.

Networking events do seem to come and go over time but we're fortunate to have quite a few long term and excellent ...

Redhill Freelancers and Small Business meetup survey

I'm working on creating a local group for freelancers, small businesses and other home workers based in and around Redhill and Reigate. So far I've ...

Building a Micropreneur and Freelancers group in Redhill

I live in Redhill, Surrey. I'm working on building a freelance and micropreneur group in Redhill.

There is an excellent freelancers group that meets weekly in Brighton (which I visit occasionally). There are also many, many entrepreneur and freelancer groups that exist in London. There are also co-working groups around, the nearest of those I can find being Horsham ...

Podcasts I Hear

Once upon a time, a time that feels a very long time ago but I think was only a couple of years in the past, I spent some time regularly commuting to one of my clients.

Armed with a smart phone and headphones I discovered audio books and podcasts as an excellent way to make use of this time. I ...

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