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Local Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts so I've been excited to discover that there are some excellent podcasts being produced in and around Redhill.

I had a hand in a very short running (just three episodes) Redhill Micropreneurs podcast a couple of years ago. Although my initial attempt didn't last for very long I think it was the first! …

Networking events around Redhill

When I meet new local business people through Redhill Micropreneurs I'm quite often asked about local networking events. Having written lists for people numerous times I thought I'd actually publish one here for a change.

Networking events do seem to come and go over time but we're fortunate to have quite a few long term and excellent networking events in …

Report from the June Micropreneurs Social

The combined Tweetup and Redhill Micropreneurs social in Reigate this month was an excellent and enjoyable evening.

It was attended by about 20 local people, mostly with some kind of small business. Some were full time (or parent time) on that business while for others it's currently a sideline.

Just a few of the walks of life (and businesses) represented …

Redhill Freelancers and Small Business meetup survey

I'm working on creating a local group for freelancers, small businesses and other home workers …

Building a Micropreneur and Freelancers group in Redhill

I live in Redhill, Surrey. I'm working on building a freelance and micropreneur group in Redhill.

There is an excellent freelancers group that meets weekly in Brighton (which I visit occasionally). There are also many, many entrepreneur and freelancer groups that exist in London. There are also co-working groups around, the nearest of those I can find being …

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