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Swine Flu: Swabbed

Edward seems to be over his initial symptoms (fever, aches and tiredness) however he's not himself yet, has an intermittent cough and has since yesterday developed a very croaky voice. He's still staying at home and still enjoying lots of rest in front of the TV (he doesn't normally get to watch it, so it's working well to keep him …

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Swine Flu: Confirmed (as much as it will be)

Liz has now spoken to our GP who has "confirmed" Edward as having swine flu.

Actual testing is no longer being done as too many new cases are being reported, however the GP said that Edward's symptoms combined with his close contact with the confirmed case (who was actually tested) last week at his nursery is enough to consider Edward …

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Swine Flu: Likely

It seems likely that Edward has Swine Flu!

He developed a high temperature (about 39) and tiredness on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 7th July. He didn't sleep very well at all last night and has been intermittently complaining of hurting limbs. He also has a constantly running nose. Apart from that though he seems to be mostly OK, just a …

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