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Crawling, commando style

Approximately two weeks ago Edward discovered that lifting one leg up underneath him and pushing hard while pulling with his hands could propel him quite rapidly across the floor.

He spent a few days doing this very successfully, although intermittently. He could easily cover a couple of feet in a minute or two when the mood took him. Since then he has been progressing further towards a more traditional form of crawling.

This currently means that he's quite good at getting either his legs or his hands in the right positions, but not so good at doing both at once. His general ability to cover distance also seems to be, temporarily I'm sure, reduced to almost nothing; or a small distance backwards.

On a related note, I'm quite convinced that Edward is perfectly capable of sitting up on his own. However he's yet to really prove this as he will never sit still. There is always something just out of reach that's far too interesting not to try and stretch for, which inevitably means falling over.

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