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A to B

I need to get from A to B, how should I do it? My obvious considerations include cost, environmental impact and my non-working time.

There is parking at the destination and a nearby train station so I can choose between car and train.

Option 1 - car


Google maps has plotted a pretty simple route that it thinks will …

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Hello Fabia

Last week I collected my new car:

My new Skoda Fabia

So far, so good. It's quite red (the only non-white, free colour), which I did fear slightly but I actually haven't noticed too much. It seems pretty quick, both accelerating (and I haven't even tried very hard yet as the manual tells me I must be patient!) and cruising happily at 70 on …

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Bye Bye Prius

Last week I said good bye to the Toyota Prius I've been driving for the last two years. I'm actually pretty indifferent to see it go. Which is quite a change from my last car, which I still miss! The Prius did at least have a little LCD with pictures of which motor is currently powering the wheels though! Despite …

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Hello family car

With my RX8 lease ending I had to find myself a new car. I actually found this quite tricky, given our list of requirements...

  • automatic, so that Liz could use it to learn
  • manual look-a-like, so I can pretend I'm not driving an automatic!
  • five doors, for easy access with Edward and to the boot for all of his stuff …
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Bye bye sports car

This is old news (it happened at the end of April) but I don't feel I should let it pass without mention.

As I lease my car, April was sadly time for me to return my Mazda RX8...

Mazda RX8

It was quite expensive on petrol and wasn't particularly easy to get Edward in and out of (although it was possible!).

Except …

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