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Balloon Modelling

A few days ago I went downstairs for lunch and found Liz and the children trying to make balloon models. So I thought I'd better show them how it's done...

Balloon dog

Balloon swan, and Sophie

Those were my first two attempts (a dog and a swan, just in case they aren't obvious). :-)

Unfortunately I do need to add (if I don't, someone else surely …

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Sleepy Sophie

It seems that sometimes, after an especially long day playing, the effort of eating is just a bit too much...

It appears that getting older doesn't make the situation any better...

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Girls multi-task, boys cure hiccups

Having observed a sample of two(!) I have reached the conclusion that girls really can multi-task... but that's not always a good thing.

When Edward was very small he would get hiccups a lot. Sophie got them slightly less often but still enough to have noticed a repeating, and different pattern between the two of them.

When Edward got hiccups …

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Rolling to rocking

It doesn't seem like long ago that I made a similar post to this. In fact, I guess it wasn't really that long!

Anyway, this time it's Sophie's turn.

Sophie has been quite mobile for a while. She swivels on her stomach then rolls across the room and swivels again to reach her target! For the last couple of weeks …

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One Of Each

I am very pleased (and still rather scared) to announce the birth of Sophie Pither.

She was born early in the morning on 10th January and weighed in at 7lb 12oz.

So far, excluding the expected lack of sleep, everyone is doing well.


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