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Local Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts so I've been excited to discover that there are some excellent podcasts being produced in and around Redhill.

I had a hand in a very short running (just three episodes) Redhill Micropreneurs podcast a couple of years ago. Although my initial attempt didn't last for very long I think it was the first!

Here's my list of locally produced podcasts (that are still going):

  • Innovative Leaders Podcast - I think this is the next oldest I'm aware of, starting in late 2018. Not only is this one produced locally but it focusses on interviewing local business people. Discussions are wide ranging, covering the business and skills of each guest. They even spoke to me about PaTMa.
  • Serviced Accommodation Secrets - This one also started towards the end of 2018 and is focussed on a specific property niche. It's packed full of information and advice for anyone looking at running serviced accommodation, especially in a rent-to-rent model.
  • Executive Juice - A weekly interview style podcast with guests from businesses around the world discussing what worked and what didn't, to help each guest succeed. Also with a hint of investment chat.
  • We Make It Work - Also a weekly interview podcast but with a focus more on freelancing, complete with the ups, downs, challenges and rewards it can provide.
  • The Flexible Movement - A weekly interview and discussion podcast that's about to start it's second season. Very well produced and on another topic I'm interested in - flexible working in all it's various meanings, including different schedules, different locations and even how "work" should actually be defined.
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