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Building a Micropreneur and Freelancers group in Redhill

I live in Redhill, Surrey. I'm working on building a freelance and micropreneur group in Redhill.

There is an excellent freelancers group that meets weekly in Brighton (which I visit occasionally). There are also many, many entrepreneur and freelancer groups that exist in London. There are also co-working groups around, the nearest of those I can find being Horsham.

Both Brighton and London are only a short train journey away and I visit both occasionally for work, family and friends. However the "short train journey" is still about an hour in each direction for either of them and the total travel time is even longer when you add another twenty minutes of walking at this end and almost certainly some more at the other end.

Three hours of total travel time for just a couple spent socialising, networking and exchanging war stories is a fairly heavy price to pay. One of the reasons I work the way I do is to avoid commuting, to save the time and to spend it with my family. I'd quite like not to substitute a forced work commute with a voluntary one.

Hence I have decided to find and collect together some more local people who work in a similar way to me and who might be interested in meeting occasionally for a social drink. My hope is that there may also be local people out there who would like to meet for informal co-working days now and then, while still avoiding any unpleasant commuting.

The area of Redhill and the surrounding Merstham, Earlswood, Reigate, Salfords, Horley, Caterham and perhaps even Crawley have a surprisingly large total population. Just RH1 (the postcode area) alone contains nearly 20,000 people. I already know of one other freelancer who lives in Redhill and works mostly from home, I'm sure there must be many others.

If you're one of those people who works from home in or around Redhill as a freelancer, micropreneur or small business owner please follow my new group on Twitter or visit the website and sign-up to the mailing list.

I'd really like to arrange the first social event to take place during March 2015. It wont work on my own so please let me know you exist - follow, register or just send me an email to say hello.

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