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Podcasts I hear in 2018

It's been over three years since I last wrote about the podcasts I listen to, so I think it's past time for a revisit.

Looking back at my list from 2014, I think the only ones I've stopped listening to are those that have stopped publishing content. I've certainly added a few more to my regular listening list though, especially getting more into property related podcasts (I couldn't find any three years ago!).

To help get through all this audio content I've been gradually increasing the speed at which I listen to the content. I currently listen to most at at 1.75x. Accidentally listening to normal speed recordings seems very odd now, like moving in slow motion!

I listen to all this content from my mobile but I don't use a specific podcast app, instead I download files from my RSS reader and listen using the excellent VLC for Android.

Here's my full list of current, regularly listened podcasts. I mostly describe what each podcast is rather than saying how great they are - if they're on this list it's a given that I think they're great and well worth a listen.

News / General Interest

The Economist - (Note the new link for this one.) With no time to read, the Economist podcast provides excellent, short snippets to keep you updated with general news, technology and the economy.

BBC More or Less - Statistically sound investigations into numbers from the news or just random entertaining things!

BBC Money Box - Since my 2014 article the Money Box Live shows have got a little better but the Saturday ones are really what I'm recommending. Good general consumer finance news and investigations.

No Such Thing As A Fish - Great entertainment and educational too (although possibly not very useful education!).

Freakonomics Radio - They had a recent series on CEOs, complete with full interviews which I found fascinating. They specialise in alternative ways to look at all sorts of statistics and what they might mean. I listen to more of these than I did in 2014, although some are still a bit wordier than needed.

Cakewatch - Brexit discussions, especially including more technical discussions on related topics. Somehow light hearted enough to actually provide some laughter too.

Remainiacs - Brexit news and chatter. As I don't watch/read general news, this is my main concession for staying up to date with the latest chaos from our government.

Technology / Science

Ubuntu UK Podcast - Fantastic, entertaining listen for news and technology chat, focused around Ubuntu and Linux in general.

BBC Inside Science - Anything and everything science that's in the news.

BBC Tech Tent - Wide ranging but still short and to the point view across technology news each week.

FLOSS Weekly - Each one is a deep dive into an open source project. A great way to discover new tools and systems or just to learn more about ones already known.

The Infinite Monkey Cage - Fantastic amusing and (mostly) scientific. Only published in short seasons though - I wish there were more. This is one I often save a copy of and pass onto my children to hear (although now and then they aren't appropriate!).

Bad Voltage - Great if you're into Linux, open source and technology generally. They do cover news but this is much more about the opinions and entertainment.

The Changelog - (And several connected podcasts) - There's way more content here than I can manage to keep up with, but I do enjoy the in-depth technical discussions on all sorts of open source technology whenever I can.

Business / Freelancing / Bootstrapping

Startups For The Rest Of Us - Still giving out great advice and sharing real experiences from starting and running their own businesses.

Zen Founder - Mental health for entrepreneurs, insightful interviews and thought provoking topics. Plus some great behind the scenes insight into Sherry and Rob's own balancing of entrepreneurship and family life.

BBC The Bottom Line - Short discussions on all sorts of business topics, always an interesting listen.

The Art of Product - Two developers talking about business and technology (I was torn whether this belongs in this section or the one above) with a bit of general life thrown in. I think I mostly listen to this for the fly on the wall following of their journeys.

Being Freelance - Each episode is an interview with a freelancer. Not so much advice or guidance in this one but I really enjoy the real life stories with a lot to be inspired by and identify with.

Rogue Startups - Another one that I mostly listen to for the stories, this time of the two presenters though. Not as funny as Bootstrapped With Kids used to be but still plenty of real life entertainment mixed with useful knowledge.

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots - It's had a few different formats in the past but currently it's based around interviews intended to provide specific business insight or knowledge.

Property Investment

The Property Hub - Rob and Rob are about as famous as it gets in the property podcasting world, and with good cause. I have no idea how it took me until 2017 to discover them but I haven't missed an episode since.

Inside Property Investing - Interviews with property investors talking about their own journey, future plans and tactics with all sorts of valuable insights along the way.

The Property Voice - I've only recently discovered this one, starting with a couple of interesting episodes on smart home technology. It's gone straight in as a regular listen and I hope to work my way back through some of the older episodes at some point (although I'm not generally very good at that).


On June 15, 2018, 8:34 a.m. Adria Tarrida said...

Great suggestions in there. Funnily enough, not even one I listen to! I will give some a try.
Some regulars: Science vs. (debunking myths with quite a lot of humour), Rad Awakenings, Ted Radio Hour, 1-3-20 (by one of my favourite authors, Daniel Pink), The Pitch (about startups looking for funding), Crowdfunding demisified (Crowdcrux), Social Media Marketing by Michael Stelzner, How I built this (interviewing famous entrepreneurs).
Some that I listen from time to time: 10% happier (about meditation) and a few beer shows (I find them tedious, I prefer drinking it :))
A couple of 'Marmite' ones: Under the Skin (by Russell Brand), the Tim Ferriss show and Waking Up (by Sam Harris)
My favourite ones at the moment: Akimbo by Seth Godin and Good night stories for rebel girls
I also listen to quite a few podcasts in Spanish, but probably not worth discussing them here :)

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