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Swine Flu: Likely

It seems likely that Edward has Swine Flu!

He developed a high temperature (about 39) and tiredness on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 7th July. He didn't sleep very well at all last night and has been intermittently complaining of hurting limbs. He also has a constantly running nose. Apart from that though he seems to be mostly OK, just a bit tired and grumpy.

To add to the fun he managed to jump off a chair and knock his head on a wall (thankfully our plasterboard isn't that strong, so kindly absorbed some of the force, as evidenced by the new dent) on Monday evening. There was lots of crying and his head came up with a nasty bump but otherwise he seemed alright. However we did get to wake him up every couple of hours during the night just to check he hadn't gone mad!

So come Tuesday evening we thought his tiredness was probably just a lack of sleep and the rest of the symptoms were probably a cold. We tried to call NHS Direct just to check that the temperature couldn't be an affect from the head injury, but they are apparently very busy with swing flu calls - it took several calls before we even made it into their queuing system! In the end they confirmed that the temperature would not be related to the head injury but we also got to speak to a doctor in case the other symptoms were flu (as we visited family in London at the weekend). The doctor thought flu was quite unlikely though.

Back to this morning. Edward still had a temperature. We called his nursery to say he wouldn't be in and we got the news that they have had a confirmed case of swine flu - confirmed on Monday with the child first becoming ill last Thursday. We didn't get the memo though because Edward was also off on Tuesday as a precaution from his head.

With his symptoms and the nursery case, it would seem likely that Edward has swine flu.

We're now waiting to hear back from our GP with what this really means.

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