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We moved!

And we don't intend to do it again for a very long while!

Two interesting things we've learnt...

  • when a van rental company suggests a van "big enough for a three bed house", get a bigger one if you intend to move from a two bed house.
  • if you visit a new house the afternoon before completion and the builder still has teams (must have been 10-20 people) working on it, the chances of it being finished the following day are slim.

We got confirmation from our solicitor that we had legally completed at about 11:30am. The builders (Bellway) weren't ready to give us our keys until about 4pm!

Needless to say, this meant we were still moving late into the evening (thank you very much to all our helpers!). Thankfully Bellway hadn't sold Liz's house (which we part exchanged) yet, so they were happy for us to hold on to the keys until the following day. Which also allowed us to finish cleaning there.

Onto our new house...

So far our snag list is 115 items long! About 40% of them are paint related and the builders concluded that there were enough bad bits that it would be easiest just to entirely repaint the inside of the house!

The repaint started around the middle of last week with them patching and filling tens of dents, holes and missing bits throughout the house. Since then they've painted all the ceilings (some twice to get a good covering), all the walls and most of the woodwork! They finished this morning.

Some other bits, like the gap for the washing machine being blocked by spare bits of wood, missing turf, no garden shed and a lack of external cabling for a BT line (it took them over a week to fix that!!) have also been sorted out. But we still have a list of well over 50 snags awaiting attention! Hopefully now the painters are done, they will get on with some of the others!

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