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The Best (Android) Phone

I have found the next Android phone that I'd like to buy. In fact, I have paid for the next Android phone that I want to have. However there is no guarantee it will ever arrive!

I need about 30,000 more people to also place an order for what I think would be the perfect new phone, otherwise it will never be built. Oh, and they all need to place those orders in less than 48 hours!

I must admit, at this stage, it seems likely I will have to find an alternative new phone. I think this is a real shame.

The Ubuntu Edge is being touted as a great step towards converged computing. Converged computing may yet be useful, but right now I'm not very convinced.

Yet I would still really like to get the Ubuntu Edge I've pledged for.

For me the Ubuntu Edge is just the right size, fantastically fast, has huge amounts of RAM, long battery life and runs a stock Android. Beyond that, it's also cheap (about £450) compared to the top-end competition.

I suspect I might even try out Ubuntu Touch and almost certainly Ubuntu for Android. However they really don't feature in my decision to buy.

So if you're convinced about converged computing or you'd just like a perfect and well priced new phone, go and place your order now.

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