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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-19


An incredibly exciting day, mostly spent reading tenancy agreements to decide on the one I want to use!

Of course a new mini-Henry hoover also arrived in the house which a certain small person really was excited about.

Started the day with walking our biggest two to school, as fast as we (they) would go. Liz was feeling slightly unwell this morning and with Thomas refusing to get dressed there was a last minute change of plan to me doing the school run on foot. We still left later than ideal but we made it with a few minutes spare.

I came home via town to get my hair cut. The hairdresser asked about "the match last night" - I didn't know what match he was talking about - apparently England were playing. He ended up explaining how the various rounds of the football world cup work; it's now a few hours later and I can't really remember any of it. Oh well. I really dislike having my hair cut, despite having asked for the same thing every time for years the results vary enormously, even between visits to the same hairdresser. But the actual experience is the worst bit - having your scalp scratched, ears bumped and head pushed around; all while failing to hear what they say (my hearing isn't great but surely no one can hear well with the sound of clippers being transmitted straight through your skull?) yet being expected to make conversation about something like football!


Quick summary of where it went today:

  • Hair cut (inc. walking home): 45 mins
  • Email: 30 mins
  • Facebook: 5 mins
  • Browsing houses: 15 mins
  • All Secure Domains server work: 5 mins
  • Park25.org emails: 10 mins
  • Redhill Micropreneurs email: 45 mins
  • Photo reviewing/journal preparation quite a way back still: 1.5 hours
  • Consultancy proposals: 1 hour
  • Reading tenancy contracts: 2.25 hours

Plus 4 hours this evening attending the excellent Crawley Property meet.

Tired now.

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