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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-18



Far too much packed in! Oldest two children performing in two theatre shows and Liz chaperoning at one too.

The show we watched was great though (apparently the earlier one was almost as good too) and the children enjoyed performing. Auditions next week for another, larger theatre production!

Squeezed in a tiny bit of writing - working on a new project proposal for a consultancy customer and also started drafting plans a couple of new PaTMa features. Also played with Buffer a bit - still not quite what I'm looking for in my social media manager.

I got Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood for fathers day. Hmmmm.


Having wasted too much time after waking up at 6am today I didn't get to shower until after everyone else had left for the school run. While this means I started work a little late, I did at least get to spend a little more time enjoying a shower.

Of course that meant taking advantage of my excellent Aqua Notes to try and capture some of the nonsense flying around my head - including a formula/warning I'm working on for future parents (not quite working yet though, hopefully I'll fix and publish it at some point).


I've started trying to split up how I track the time I spend on "email". So from about 1 hour in total that would have previously been a single use of time, I have:

  • 25 minutes actually reading, deleting and writing short emails.
  • 20 minutes reading Facebook (catching up on the weekend - I don't have Facebook on my phone so my access is (deliberately) limited).
  • 5 minutes browsing houses
  • 15 minutes reading tech articles (that were linked from subscription emails I received over the weekend)

Only one day so far, and a Monday which always has more email and related things to sort out. At this stage just glad I'm recording a bit more detail now.

Spent about 2.5 hours on rental house bits, including 30 minutes walking to the house, so that doubles as exercise.

Most of the day (about 3.5 hours) was spent finishing the consultancy project proposal that I started over the weekend.

10 minutes spent on Redhill Micropreneurs admin tasks.

45 minutes taken preparing a long overdue Android app release for another consultancy customer, including writing up some details about it.

20 minutes dealing with another customer's server that ran out of disk space and stopped accepting uploads.

Last but not least there was also a quick 25 minutes of All Secure Domains support work forced into this evening when a purchase found a bug in the new site code. Thankfully the site alerted me straight away and the issue was quick to fix.


Too much task switching. There are going to be a few more days like that this week though as I've got lots of bits from all over the place that have reached urgent status. I need to work on getting back to allocating whole days to specific projects.

While there was work going on at my rental house, I set up a temporary office there (just an inflatable chair and 4G mobile hotspot) which has worked brilliantly. That is, until the chair started deflating and I didn't have the pump at the house to re-inflate it. So today I had to work from just the floor - really not very comfortable.

I blame the uncomfortable working conditions for at least some of why it took me 3.5 hours to write the proposal document today - it really shouldn't have been that long. A lot of time spent staring at the document, fidgeting and generally not finding the right words.

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