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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-25


Started the day with a networking breakfast - an event I've been attending for a couple of years. Today I was a "table leader" and requested feedback on my PaTMa leaflet, which people were kind enough to provide plenty of - from layout changes to rewriting bits for me and even a great suggestion on how to fit some screenshots in. A couple of people on the table are users of PaTMa and even provided spontaneous testimonials for me to quote. :-)

Other than the networking breakfast my morning went to a mix of Redhill Micropreneur related tasks, a site release for a consulting customer, a few consulting emails and a bit of PaTMa development work.

Cool property

If I had a spare few million pounds, I'd love to buy (and make viable businesses from) some exciting and different properties.

What people read

My afternoon has (finally) provided some time to spend writing blog posts. I posted another photo Friday - Sutton House and got slightly distracted looking at my Google Analytics for pither.com. Apparently my most popular post (by far) is currently the one where I detail my attempts at repairing a wooden bed. Another favorite is still people trying to do search and replace with regular expressions in Excel. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my much more recent post on Property Bee is already seeing some reasonable traffic too.

My focus on writing this afternoon has also included going back to the 2nd May and starting to post my daily journals. I haven't caught up yet so it will probably be a while before this one is available.

I also published (back dated because I'm a bit late!) a new PaTMa article on the HMO and multi-unit support that was added a little while ago.

To finish up, here's some suggestions for types of marketing emails to send which just arrived in the weekly(-ish) email from Mastermind Jam.

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