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Replacement for Property Bee browser plugin

The well known and widely used Property Bee browser plugin has been officially retired by it's makers. It hadn't been updated in a long while and the latest version available requires a very old and insecure version of Firefox.

Thankfully there's now a new browser extension available, for modern browsers, that provides very similar (and some extra) features. The PaTMa Property Tools browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox. It provides quick access to pricing history as well as a summary of comparable local sale and rental prices.

There are lots more details, examples and screenshots in the blog post announcing the property tools plugin release.

I can also exclusively reveal there are some additional features being worked on that will make the PaTMa plugin even more useful for buy-to-let property investors. They should be ready for release later in April so install the browser extension now and you'll get the updates and new features automatically!

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