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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-02

The start

I've been keeping a daily (work-ish) journal since the start of May. It's now the 25th of May and a little of what I've written might be interesting, so I've decided to go back and retrospectively publish my existing journals.

I don't have a structure for these journals, either in content or layout. I have, and will, write about all sorts of things from nonsense to useful. I don't intend to write (or at least publish) much about my personal or family life in these journals, but who knows what I might actually include. I'm writing these because I want to, that might change, so they might stop.

I hope someone finds them useful/interesting. Please let me know if you do.


The plan for today was to focus on All Secure Domains development - work towards getting the new website ready. Specifically the objective today was to get tests written for all of the internal API end points and then migrate the code to render the API output as well.

However I actually spent the morning on:

  • rental house related things (paying expenses, updating my records in PaTMa and arranging repairs), about 1 hour
  • preparing a quote for some consultancy work, including reading up on GDPR and Cookie consent/banners (see my notes below); about 2 hours
  • replying to assorted emails, including one about LTV Conf; almost an hour

My afternoon started with 45 minutes of sorting out details for April's consultancy related invoices and another 15 minutes of rental property bits.

Then, finally, at around 3pm I started work on writing tests for the API in the new All Secure Domains site.

Now at just gone 6pm, I have 5 API endpoints tested and migrated with another 7 still to go.

Notes on GDPR, cookie consent/banners and Wordpress

I am not a lawyer, do not rely on these notes!

I don't think GDPR has much to say about cookies and consent for cookie storage. It seems there are other rules that might be changing in that area though, although from the sounds of it they'll make things better. This is an article from a much better source than me.

This seems to be a relatively sane article about GDPR with a Wordpress slant

I'd been asked to look into the ability to prevent any cookies, including from third parties, until a visitor consented; specifically in a Wordpress setting. It seems there is one provider of a subscription cookie banner plugin that's promoting this idea as required by GDPR (or another new regulation). From knowing how Wordpress plugins and random bits of third party javascript get added to sites, I don't see how a plugin could possibly accomplish this claim. Indeed, looking into their plugin a bit more, it seems to require other plugin authors to specifically support it in order to stop cookies being set. So in summary I think they're selling a completely useless subscription for something that isn't needed anyway, just on fear and hype! :-(

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