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Bye Bye Prius

Last week I said good bye to the Toyota Prius I've been driving for the last two years. I'm actually pretty indifferent to see it go. Which is quite a change from my last car, which I still miss! The Prius did at least have a little LCD with pictures of which motor is currently powering the wheels though! Despite it's inability to excite, the Prius has still served our purposes well over the last two years.

Toyota Prius

It's managed to carry a family of four with all their luggage, although sometimes with a squeeze, and keep us all quite comfortable.

For possibly the first time since I learnt to drive (over a decade ago!!), I'm now spending about a week entirely car-less. This wasn't exactly deliberate but the build and delivery of my new Skoda Fabia Estate has taken rather longer than first estimated.

Remarkably the Fabia has roughly the same fuel economy as the (old model) Prius yet has a quicker 0-62 time. Unfortunately it does have higher CO2 emissions though, so the tax is a bit higher.

The Fabia model I'm getting is brand new - they only started building them in April, so I've not actually driven a car with the exact model, engine or gearbox, so I do hope it will be reasonable. Sadly I'm not really expecting anything more than reasonable as it only needs to be a sensible, cheap family car.

One day I'll have a sports car again!

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