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Journal, ISO week 2018-W36

last week


Continuing with my recent server admin tendencies, I spent a while working out how to do a completely custom Ubuntu install on a physical machine rented from OVH, making use of the IPMI access they provide.

I also noticed and fixed a "Precendence: bulk" header in my RT emails.


Another twist on banking that combines a bank account with a bookkeeping system - looks interesting.

Starting early

Our eldest started secondary school this week and I walked him to school on the first day. Apart from the novelty of him chasing me to get ready to leave on time, it was great to be reminded of the benefits of an early start. For a while, as I often find is the case during school holidays, I've been starting my working day later. Sometimes I actually get up later but often it's that I waste more time between getting up and starting work!

Getting up and out to school by 8:15am meant that I was at my desk by 9:10am, having already been shopping to buy my lunch and got a hair cut!

Tunnels and drones

Having mentioned tunnels under London a bit recently, here's some drone footage of some much newer and larger ones that are being built.


An amazing maps site was mentioned on one of the podcasts I listen to (sorry, I can't remember which one!).



On Sept. 10, 2018, 6:54 p.m. Mrs P said...

The map site is one I use for genealogy. It's great.

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