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Journal, ISO week 2018-W27


Journal geekery

I write the initial text for these journals on my main computer, often as quick notes during the day. To make that easy I made myself a little script (actually a fish function):

function tj
    set T (date +"%Y-%m-%d")
    vi ~/journal/$T.md

Since I've now changed to recording a weekly journal, I've also added the following:

function tjw
    set T (date +"%Y-W%V")
    vi ~/journal/$T.md



Trying to avoid learning what the football result was tonight (Tuesday) - obviously not because I want to watch it - just because I wish to pro-actively not care (almost certainly not a contradiction)! Sadly just scrolling through Facebook for 4 minutes rendered the result (although not the actual score, which I currently don't know) obvious.


For a long time I've had a target bed time of 10pm (I currently get up at 6am every day). For about two months though I've been consistently missing that - for a wide range of reasons but most recently because I had too many "urgent" tasks that had deadlines coming up each day. For the first time in a while I don't have any of those to get finished today, so instead I've missed my bed time just to read Facebook and write this journal!!


An amusing start to a new parent blog - we really should manage to go swimming a bit more often!

Visited Max's Kitchen for the morning - sadly they'll be closed (permanently) by the time anyone reads this. They were instrumental in launching the Redhill Micropreneurs co-working days three years ago so I feel a bit sentimental about them going. I wish everyone working there the best for the future and am intrigued to see what nTrust do with the space next.

A crazy early evening trying to fit in dance classes, the school open evening and Scouts. There was also a Redhill Business Guild meeting but sadly it just couldn't fit.


The government consultation on increasing tenancy lengths.

Economy slowing to a standstill from Brexit.

Accidentally double booked myself this evening. Told a client that I could get a site migrated for them but forgot I was going to the Micropreneurs social. Hence back to work after the outing and it now being just gone 1am. It was a very pleasant evening of chatter though and the site is now all running on the new server. :-)


Another "Golden Boot" walk to school this morning - far too warm for walking in a rush!

Then had a great meeting about PaTMa which I'm very hopeful will produce good things.

Back home after that and the late night yesterday is catching up with me. I've done the last few bits of the site transfer to All Secure Domains and now, despite it not really being that important, I'm going to spend some time closing browser tabs!

I currently have 903 tabs open in Firefox, it's 3:42pm.

A few of the mildly interesting tabs that I closed:

Stopped at 5:34pm and I'm down to 854 open tabs. Not as much progress as I would have liked, ended up (finally) reading numerous articles so I could close them!


The school's summer fayre/fair/fete (no one seems to have agreed a spelling this year!) took place on Saturday and seemed to go well despite some (child) disappointment at not winning certain prizes! Also got to see my PaTMa advert in print.

XKCD's take on paying for our personal data.

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