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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-13


Another "interesting" looking property for sale.

Time Today

Getting a bit of a theme - a late start due jointly to me and need to give antibiotics to a reluctant four year old.

Once started though, got through a bit of email clearing (total of about 1.5 hours across the day!).

Had a good call with an existing consultancy client who's looking for some help with a new project (about 1 hour for call and follow-up actions).

20 minutes investigating an issue for another consultancy client.

Then 20 minutes sorting out car insurance! Only a renewal but took a while to find all my details and then wait in their queue. On the plus side though, it was cheaper than last year - with the same provider!

Lots of things in 20 minute slices today.

Responding to another plea for help from a Park 25 resident (I'm the admin for the Park 25 community site), unfortunately all I could do was point them towards the management company. Took 20 minutes trying (and failing) to find some of the information they asked for though.

A kind soul noticed that my blog comment form (reCaptcha) was broken - so I spent 20 minutes fixing it.

One short item that didn't take 20 minutes (only 5 in fact) was adding the next Redhill Micropreneurs social to the website as Wendy had booked it with The Junction.

The bulk of the day (about 4 hours) was spent putting together an advert (see below) that will be printed in the school summer fayre programme.

Time for the Month

Writing an update for a mastermind group I'm part of, I've worked out a quick snapshot of how my work time has ended up being used so far this month (8 working days for me):

  • 25% All Secure Domains (marketing, development and server work)
  • 25% PaTMa (almost all marketing)
  • 25% Reading, replying to and generally dealing with email (I need to start splitting this up a bit)
  • 20% Consultancy client work (including some pre-sales, meetings and quotes)
  • 5% Property management and Redhill Micropreneurs

Compared to my general plan (not specific to the last 8 days):

  • 60% PaTMa (40% marketing, 20% dev)
  • 20% All Secure Domains
  • 20% Consultancy

Perhaps my plan is just too simple - not allowing at all for where I spent 30% of my time. Or perhaps I'm just spending too much time dealing with emails! I'm definitely going to start tracking my "email" work in more detail.

Print advert

PaTMa and All Secure Domains print advert

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