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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-28



Interesting Python UI builder - spent 20 minutes watching the video and quite a few more reading about enaml-native more generally.

New Python 3.7 features.

Blogging / writing

"Brexit will land badly, so the Bank of England needs to get the base rate up to 1% before that" - read about views and thoughts from the Expert Property Panel at the Landlord Investment Show.

Is Build-to-Rent the future and will it destroy private landlords?

Not forgetting that the Government issued a new How to Rent guide (some extra information on how PaTMa can help keep you up to date).

Plan vs reality

My plan for today was PaTMa marketing and I actually spent about half my working day (plus a couple of evening hours) working on that.

The other half of my working day went to enaml-native (see above) and unplanned consultancy support requests and bits for updating the SEOSS accounts.

To walk or not to walk

Had every intention of walking to town to work today - I even made a packed lunch and I could certainly do with the exercise. But when it came to it, I just couldn't convince myself to actually spend 20 minutes walking in the heat (and committing myself to another 20 minutes when it was even hotter later in the day).

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