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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-27


I do like working from home and apparently it can be "13% better" (thanks to Terzo Digital's newsletter for the great link.

Notifying/managing utilities when tenancies start and stop is quite tedious, so I think the idea behind Landlord TAP is great - unfortunately the site was completely down yesterday and today I can't enter details about my new tenants. Hopefully they'll have it fixed tomorrow or I'll have to resort to emailing the water company.

Windows VM

Thankfully I don't need to touch MS Windows very often but today I did, specifically to get SQL Server Manager Studio running, so it's great that Microsoft make a windows virtual machine available for download. (SQL Server Manager Studio is also available for free.)

But how is a Windows VM, even with a collection of dev tools nearly 35GB (after decompressing, before even starting the VM)!? For comparison my entire Linux desktop that's been collecting cruft for over a year uses less than 20GB (ignoring my home directory).


Not entirely unrelated to the above, I discovered the slightly odd method to resize an LVM logical volume to use all available space in the volume group:

lvresize -l +100%FREE /dev/<VG>/<LV>


  • 1.5 hours on pre-sales for consultancy work
  • 1.5 hours getting setup for a new consultancy project
  • 1.5 hours on PaTMa development - more great features went live, I need to write about them!

I started a bit late in the morning just because I took too long getting up and ready.

The rest of my day was spent editing and posting old journal entries, dealing with email and not accomplishing much.

My pre-today plan was to spend the day working on All Secure Domains but I decided while showering to change it to a marketing day - didn't quite manage that either though!

I need to get back into setting specific goals for a day and concentrating on reaching them.

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