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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-25



Year 4 homework this week included trying to answer this problem about when clock hands overlap!!

An impressive looking web IDE from GitLab.

Checked-in new tenants - very happy to have it let again after the decoration and assorted repairs.

Property news

A thinktank has suggested more taxes for landlords to allow more people to buy instead of rent, but it looks like recent changes are already having that effect. There's also a more thorough dismissal of the thinktank report from the RLA.

The Government has (finally) published more details on the HMO changes in October, or directly to the PDF.


Quite a productive day today:

  • Took the car for a service and MOT - it needed a couple of new tyres but at least it's all shiney after it's annual clean.
  • A bit longer than I'd like reading Facebook - although it was mostly the articles that I found linked there (including some of those above).
  • Managed to catch up on quite a few emails, still a few waiting for tomorrow though.
  • Best of all though was testing and releasing the latest batch of PaTMa features and fixes.
  • I've also had some time to put into another new feature too.

Lots of time scheduled later in the week to write about the exciting new features too.

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