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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-22


Growing up

Walked our big two children to school this morning, although the oldest was so late getting ready I left without him - with instructions to catch up. Of course he decided to only do that at the last moment so he could walk to school on his own! Thankfully he did survive and I didn't hear any screams or screeching of brakes behind us so perhaps he's finally worked out how roads work.

Teching Computer Science

Listening to a podcast on the way home I heard about this great sounding resource for teaching computer science without computers. I definitely want to find time to try a few out.

New HMO licensing rules

There are some pretty major changes coming for HMO licensing in October this year, here's a handy list of things to note and a more detailed article.


Spent another chunk of time (about 4 hours) today working on PaTMa auto-generating tenancy agreements and used a beta version of the code for my own new tenancy. Then tried out digital signing from Signable that worked perfectly. Soon to be integrated directly with PaTMa so a landlord can enter the tenancy/tenant information and click a single button to generate a contract and send it out for digital signatures.

The rest of the day went to PaTMa marketing/sales emails, All Secure Domains customer support and some urgent data fixes required after a mismatch between mobile app and website versions during a recent update for a consultancy customer.

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