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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-20



Lots and lots of time today on pre-sales consultancy proposals (and a call) - 6 hours. The call was scheduled at 1.5 hours, a further 1 hour was planned for preparing a quote, but the remaining 3.5 hours was unexpected proposal work that couldn't be delayed. That meant other very urgent rental property work got pushed to this evening and tomorrow. :-(

(Imperfect) Technology > Travel

The conference call (via Hangouts) was with seven other people. It took a while (around 20 minutes) to get everyone connected, with sound working, etc. This always feels so frustrating (and the technology really should be better/easier) but it's always worth remembering that the alternative was getting eight people to commute to a single location - probably taking an average of about 45 minutes each way per person. So we "wasted" about 160 people-minutes but the alternative was wasting around 720 people-minutes (that's 12 hours, plus lots of travel CO2). So despite the feeling of frustration we actually saved 560 minutes (over 9 hours) by going through it.


Late start (by 45 minutes) because I wasted too much time between getting out of bed and actually starting to get ready. Not helped by feeling very tired at the moment - too many late nights. I was doing fairly well at earlier nights for a while but I've regressed in the last couple of months and they are getting harder to manage.

Also a slightly early finish due to childcare needs this evening.

Only 55 minutes across all my previous "email" time records today.

Otherwise just 20 minutes on rental property work during the working day and another 35 minutes this evening - lots more to do but I'm too tired so will continue in the morning.

Up early and on a train tomorrow morning - it's Redhill Micropreneurs co-working day at CoTribe.

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