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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-14


Landlord Investment Show

Up early and out sightly late, yes child and medicine related delays again. Got to London Olympia (a fantastically simple and all overground journey) only fifteen minutes after the landlord investment show networking event started.

Good hot chocolate. :-)

Early morning networking - had a few conversations, one really interesting, probably not business advancing though. Another extremely interesting and potentially business enhancing.

Attended the main property panel debate (follow the link for my blog post about it) which I quite enjoyed.

Had a little wander around, spoke to a mortgage company.

Watched what I think was a very educational panel discussion on buy to rent (again, that's my write-up of the talk). Shame the audio in the room was awful though, I struggled to hear much of it and completely missed some.

Approached a few targeted exhibitors and had pleasant conversations with all. Some I hope will lead to good things for PaTMa (and hopefully the other companies too) in the future.

Overall a really good trip to London. On a personal level, absolutely exhausting though (and it was only a partial day).


I had to leave fairly early to get back in time to help with, and watch, children - our oldest two were performing in a show at the local theatre. One as part of a musical theatre (class) performance and the other with school, taking a snippet of the recent school production to a bigger stage.

I was far too nervous for both of them, especially our oldest as his included a solo. Both did brilliantly though, despite some nerves on their parts earlier in the day. Very, very proud of them both.

Grabbed food out, home, tired and trying children's bed time, chores and collapse (writing this in bed struggling to keep my eyes open).

Time to sleep now.

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