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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-11



Listening to one of the podcasts I follow this weekend and found a very interesting episode about the (continuing) expansion of co-working.

In other exciting news, Starling Bank have started offering sole trader accounts. But I also had it confirmed from their customer support that if you open a business account first you then can't open a personal (or sole trader) account at the moment. :-(

Work / Time

A crazy 2.5 hours spent on general email, reading and catch-up stuff this morning!

Nearly two hours spent on All Secure Domains, mixed between documenting accounting records for May and server updates and migration work.

A good chunk of which involved walking through iptables rules. Unfortunately we had a poorly child at home today who I had to supervise at various points when Liz was out - that really doesn't mix well with trying to manually work out how packets are traversing a firewall.

The issue I was having was all about loopback NAT between LXC containers on a single host. Not sure if I blame child based interruptions or just being out of practise, but it took me far too long to track down. Reading the nice step-by-step in this finally switched the light bulb on.

The total working time that actually ended up being more childcare than work today was about two hours.

I did about an hour of consultancy work; about an hour of PaTMa marketing work (my new leaflets arrived today!).

Plus 45 minutes of property magazine webinar watching - a very interesting interview with a small developer who's buying roughly one property/project a week.


I recently looked up some information for a friend about using select-as-copy and syncronising the PRIMARY/CLIPBOARD buffers in KDE. Then today my Gnome based Ubuntu stopped doing select-as-copy, disaster!

This didn't help solve my problem (which turned out to be that Diodon was having issues; because my Gnome is largely failing to cope with legacy tray based applications) but I like this explanation of select-as-copy in Gnome.

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