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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-04



While not managing to get nearly as much winding-down-from-holiday rest as I would have liked, we played a new family board game; this time Dragonology. It took us a while to get up to speed with the rules but once we were going it seemed to work well and we really enjoyed it. We did find that players seemed to get locked out of the ability to win towards the end though, kind of leaving a couple of us as zombie players - I'm not sure if that's expected or if there was something we missed. We'll have to try it again soon and see if it happens again. We might try to encourage some other adult players to give it a go at some point too.

One of the BBC podcasts I listened to included an advert for a novel approach to news and podcasting that I'm going to give a try - the daily Grenfell Tower inquiry podcast.

A very long, detailed and (I think) interesting read about DNS over HTTPS, complete with cartoons.

Offline Google fonts for GDPR compliance!?


Out of practice for the morning routine - started a bit late.

Bit of a rush to get through some important email replies that were neglected while on holiday last week.

Then off to catch a train for a meeting with a development consultancy client - discussing the potential next phase of an existing project. It's a large and very interesting project that involves data warehousing from many different source systems, complete with data anonymisation and assorted other challenges. Very easy to get caught up with this kind of work as it's so interesting. Must remember to actually get paid for it!

The meeting went well but with travel it did manage to consume almost the entire day.

I did manage to make some use of the travel time though - walking and waiting at stations allowed me to get through six podcasts and the longer bits of train journey provided some work on improvements to this blog and a chance to write some notes on the meeting while heading home.

Got home at about 6pm and didn't get to stop working until I had to take over the childcare at 7pm. Needed to get some email hosting changes made for an old customer - SupaJam.

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