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Journal, ISO date 2018-06-01


Last day of our holiday in Norfolk. Everyone a bit sad to be packing up and taking everything out of the hotel room.

Trying to make the most of the (last) cooked breakfast probably wasn't a good idea (again)!

First stop for us this morning was Sheringham steam railway which has a great little play carriage, with a play train inside it, that kept everyone entertained while we waiting for the actual train (after the one we initially missed).

The steam train engine was very large, impressive and steamy - as these things usually are. That isn't to downplay visiting steam railways at all - I think they're incredible machines and am very thankful that we still have working ones that can be visited and used. The carriages seemed to be well maintained and clean (at least before we got to them).

The trip was fairly short (about 25 minutes) and the Holt station didn't have much around it. So we just investigated the station a little and caught the same train back again - strangely important to the children to use the same train again.

For the afternoon we popped along the road to Sheringham park which was great for running around, exploring and seeing lots of brilliant and colourful flowers (they'll be making quite a few Photo Friday appearances).

No cards!

Our evening (during homeward travel) meal plans were nearly spoilt when we were stopped as we drove into the McDonald's car park, by a guy greating every car, to say they can't take card payments! I nearly decided to starve the family just on principle!

Thankfully I was convinced to follow his directions to find a cash machine then drive back to buy food with real money. Apparently it was all thanks to a VISA computer issue.


Unfortunately the rest of our journey home didn't exactly go according to plan either. Our faith in Google Maps took a little dent as it merrily tried to navigate us through closed sections of the M11. We followed the (very long) diversion while Google Maps intermittently suggested that we turn around or re-join the closed motorway. Overall it took us nearly 45 minutes longer to get home than originally estimated.

Thankfully - having completely exhausted my phone battery during the day by taking excessive photos of trees, flowers and people playing among them - I realised I could re-charge my phone from my laptop and hence we were able to listen to The Chamber of Secrets which I think is excellently read by Stephen Fry.


I do like getting home after a holiday. Even though I did notice just how much of a mess it is!


Train station flowers

Shringham sign and flowers


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