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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-30


Squeezing in another (quick) bit of work after everyone else is in bed again.

Clearing the normal emails plus replying to a couple that can't really wait (also managed to get a couple of replies sent off while at the zoo today).


Amazona Zoo in Cromer today - meeting family there.

Quite a small zoo, but with indoor soft play, an outdoor play area and huge bouncing pillows, it had plenty to keep small people entertained all day long.

We had some slight tantrums around lunch time but apart from that, it was actually a fairly happy day all round.

Dinner with family and the big two are staying for a sleepover. A bit strange to be heading back to the hotel with just one child.


It was zoo day so here are some animals (and of course some flowers!)...

Duck on one leg:

Duck on one leg and flamingos


White flowers

More animals:


Big cats?

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