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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-29


Another fairly late start to work today, at just after 10pm.

Just time to catch up on email and finish pulling together a quote for some web scraping consultancy.

Also put my next journal post live, currently releasing about 2 weeks behind which is working well while I'm away. I'd expect to catch up more at some point though as I'd like them to be slightly closer to real time.

Hopefully manage to get to sleep before midnight.


Up at my normal 6am this morning as we had a target (from Liz) of being at breakfast around 8am.

We got there soon after too.

We mostly ate too much - our smallest person had two bowls of coco-pops and two pain au chocolate! I may have had slightly more!

For the day we visited family in Cromer. The children mostly played nicely for the morning and early afternoon - including a pretty good humoured game of Mouse Trap.

Then we went for a (child requested) walk to the beach.

Too much (ie any) rock collecting at the beach but also lots of general playing, plenty of sand digging, a little castle building and generally plenty of fun.

Leaving created some issues with the (older) rock collectors and lots of issues with a younger person suddenly realising that he had sand in his boots which, of course, we couldn't fully get out.

Walking from the beach to the pier was extremely slow and not fun!

Our oldest discovered he really didn't like being able to see the sea moving under the pier (while standing above it).

In the space of less than 30 minutes, while we walked around the pier, a certain little person switched from sand complaints to non-shop-visiting complaints to not-buying-a-random-item complaints and back to sand-complaints!

Liz and the anti-sand-complaints stayed in town while I walked back with the others to get the car.

We offered to pay our youngest 50p for a well-behaved (McDonald's) meal time. He (and the big two) actually behaved really well (for the meal). Perhaps the future is in bribery.

Back to the hotel and regular bedtime chaos ensued. :-(


Lots of mist at the beach!

Cromer beach huts and mist

More Cromer beach huts and mist

Cromer beach mist out to sea

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