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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-26


A while ago I tweeted something about weather and an excellent related weather forecast comic.

Well it seems someone at the BBC noticed (probably XKCD, not me) and More or Less have answered.

Not Work

Saturday today - and as I generally manage, I didn't work.

Instead I took the children (all three) out to Wakehurst Place while Liz stayed at home to work on holiday preparations (washing, shopping, packing - lots of fun things!).

The children and I met up with some old (worryingly old actually (no offence but we did work together a very long time ago)) work friends, all with children. We ended up being three families, three adults and six children (ranging in age from 2 to 11).

(Remarkably) it all went well and was a really lovely day out. As an unplanned bonus there was even a Wild Wood Festival there today with all sorts of extra activities and entertainment.

Wild Wood Festival map

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